Prophetic Message for 2016

2016 – The Year of Favour, Prophecies & Miracles
( Isaiah 61; John 16:12-14 & Acts 5:12-16)

Thus says the Spirit of the God of Heaven and Earth: 2016 is a
year of opportunities, open doors, excellence, achievements and
good success. To experience these blessings all believers must
tap into divine favour, delight in God’s Word and commit to a
serious life of prayer.

2016 is a year of frustration for those who lean on their
understanding, wisdom or knowledge instead of having faith in
God and trusting Him for divine solutions. Human strength will be
useless in defeating the plans of dark forces in 2016. It is only
by God’s strength that all believers are destined to prevail.

2016 is a year when the favour of God speaks for His children
here on earth and when the power of God confronts the powers
of this world. Every wrong thing in the lives of believers will be
prophetically corrected by God through His Word and Spirit. God
will perform miracles in the lives of His children for His glory
and honour!

Message delivered by Pastor I. Ndlovu

Thursday 31 December 2015

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe