Prophetic Message for Zimbabwe

This morning (between 7:00 am and 8:00 am) when l was praying the Holy Spirit gave me four clear messages and He emphasized that these messages are true.

First, the Lord said a famous preacher/ man of God will be scandalized in Zimbabwe in the near future and his name will be all over the newspapers. He said the claims of misdeeds will be true. The Lord said he has warned the said preacher to repent but has refused. God said the preacher stays in Harare. He said l must pray for him because if he doesnt repent within 18 months the wrath of God will be poured out on him and his massive ministry. Behold, l saw multitudes of people scattered because their shephered had been struck by the “lightining rod” of God from heaven.

Second, the Lord said we must pray for our country Zimbabwe, for Peace and prosperity as well as spiritual revival. He said two prominent leaders will pack their bags this year and go on a journey to a far country, to the place that is beyond. Their departure shall mark a shift in seasons for this country (Zimbabwe).

Third, the Lord told me that the current King of your country shall be succeeded by a quiet person that many do not know. Behold l saw on the clouds of heaven watcher angels convene, one of the angels, the leader of those watchers and convener of the meeting for your country made a declaration and said,”By the decree of Almighty God, the eternal Word and his watcher angels, a shift of things is announced in Zimbabwe. He who causes times and seasons to change announces a new season for Zimbabwe. Where some see chaos, the Lord God is working out order. After a brief season of schisms Zimbabwe shall rest and know peace and economic revival. And many missionaries, evangelists, teachers, prophets and apostles shall be sent from her to invade the whole world with the end time mesages of the impending end of this world system. Envoys from many countries shall visit the Land to revive relations.”

Fourth, betrayal and intrigue shall occur at the highest mountain of your country and the seat of government shall be shaken soon.

The Almighty God says he has heard the many sincere prayers of His saints and servants. This is what the Almighty God has revealed and spoken. Amen.

Delivered by Pastor Ian Ndlovu

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