Living Victoriously in Perilous Times

All people who believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ must not be dismayed when the world is taking a turn for the worse. Thousands of years ago the Lord Jesus Christ saw what was going to happen during our time and gave us a warning in advance. Matthew 24, Luke 21, John 15, and 16. The Almighty God surely knows how to sustain His own in times of adversity. We serve a faithful, loving and gracious God. He supports and protects His own at all times. Psalms 20, 23 and 91. Our God is the All-Sufficient One (El-Shaddai). As you read this post please know that you and I are not mistakes of nature or products of fate. We were created in the celestial image of God. He who created us and put us on this planet is perfecting His will and purpose pertaining to our lives.
So you and I must be confident in this world. That the world is going through its final stages of moral decay before the advent of our Lord Jesus Christ shouldn’t amaze us because the Lord Jesus and His holy apostles predicted that this would happen before the earth finishes its sinful career. Take heart my beloved in the Lord. This world is just about to finish its sinful career. We live at a time when the Lord Jesus Christ can literally come at any time. That is why we see many bishops, priests, pastors and church leaders waver at defending the full gospel choosing to swim in agreement with the tide of a dying world. 1 Timothy 4 verses 1-6, 2 Timothy 3 verses 1-5, 2 Thessalonians 2 verses 3, 4
Take heart this day. You and I are alive for a purpose. That purpose shall indeed be consummated by the zeal of God and His holy Christ.
Confession: “I am more than a conquerer through my Lord Jesus Christ. I am a world changer. There is nothing and there is noone in this world who can derail me from shining for my Lord Jesus Christ. There is no demon anywhere that can confound, confuse, possess, obsess or defeat me because Christ lives in me through his righteous and infallible Word, the Bible. I am what God’s Word declares me to be, and I can do all those things God says I am capable of doing. Poverty, lack, directionlessness and hopelessness are not my portion. I am rising, I am shining and I am excelling so as to bring glory and honour to my heavenly Father God.” Amen. May you and I be blessed forevermore in Jesus’ mighty name.
By Pastor Ian Ndlovu

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