The Holy Spirit clearly says “2017 is the year of Walking with God and Divine Acceleration”. The theme Scriptures are Genesis 5 verses 21-24; 6 verses 7-9; Deuteronomy 5 verse 33; Amos 3 verse 3 and John 8 verse 12. Micah 6 verse 8 (New King James version) says: “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” The Lord God says only those believers who walk with Him shall solve life’s problems successfully and emerge victorious when the next year ends on 31 December 2017.

  1. 2017:- will be a tricky and some may say “treacherous” year especially for those of the political class. I do not foresee anything which is straightforward, crisp, clear and precise about 2017. All I can see are twists and turns. I also foresee that 2017 is a year of reckoning. Many wrong things in the political class will be straightened out by God because of the general outcry of intercessors and God’s children.


  1. 2017:- is also a year of shortages and economic pain here and there. I saw in a vision God release holy angels with measuring scales to measure basic goods and services especially in a number of Southern African countries. God says He will provide adequately for His children and for those who walk with Him consistently.


  1. 2017:- God is saying we must watch out for three countries which are members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). In two of them, I foresee by the Spirit of God, far reaching political and economic changes which shall shape their destiny and the destinies of other nations for many years to come. Let us watch, be vigilant and pray to God the Father. Amen.


  1. 2017:- I saw in a vision that the foundations and powers of the European system and project will be shaken. Because of the need for several Old Testament and New Testament prophecies to be fulfilled, I see Europe emerge stronger after being shaken (Haggai 2 verses 6-9). I see autonomy and federalism play a key role in a “new” Europe. God says He will shake the very foundations of Europe. Many people who do not follow the Bible or believe God will see only uncertainty and turmoil. Let us watch and pray (Matthew 26 verse 41 and Luke 21 verse 36).
  2. 2017:- North Korea – God is saying we must pray for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea also known as North Korea. I foresee by the Spirit of God two events of internal nature and one major event of external nature which have potential to disturb the internal matrix and balance of power. This has implications for East Asian and global peace. When I cried to God Almighty, He clearly said He will never allow human beings to use their weapons or ‘toys’ to destroy the planet that He created. Revelation 11 verses 16-19. Amen. Very soon, sooner than most people care to realise, God Almighty will judge this world. The Lord God says we are now living during the period of pre-judgement or the time preceding judgement.


  1. 2017:- Some people including some Christian believers live in fear of an all-out conflict between major powers and nuclear war. The Lord says that is the least worry of those who have entrusted Him with their lives. The Almighty God is always watching what is taking place on earth. He will not allow human beings to destroy or annihilate this planet which He created with a purpose in mind (Revelation 11 verses 17 & 18; Psalm 104 verse 5; Ecclesiastes 1 verse 4; Psalm 37 verses 9, 10; Genesis 1 verses 26-28; Isaiah 65 verse 17 and 2 Peter 3 verse 10).


  1. Let us pray for affluent shops in South Africa and European countries which are patronised by wealthy people. I saw in a vision sophisticated thieves gain access and get away with expensive jewellery and other items. Let us trust God Almighty for the protection of human lives and property. Let us watch and pray as believers. Amen


  1. On Sunday 25 December 2016 at 3:10pm while praying at home under a strong and thick Presence of the Holy Spirit, I heard the Lord speak. He said clearly that in 2017, He is raising a prophet, an evangelist and an apostle from Masvingo. The apostle and the prophet are currently resident in Masvingo town. The evangelist from originally Masvingo province currently resides in Harare in one of the high density suburbs called Kuwadzana. God says He will touch many nations including Zimbabwe, South American nations, Canada, USA, the UK and East African nations using these ministry gifts. No one and nothing can stop this message from being fulfilled.


  1. On 25 December 2016 at 6:00pm, I was shown that there may be serious trouble and disturbance of peace in the Middle East. The Spirit of God says we must pray for the Middle East in general and Israel in particular. The Lord says we must also pray for Iran and Saudi Arabia. Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt will be instrumental in the fulfilment of certain Old Testament prophecies in the near future.


  1. We must pray for peace, tranquillity and order in the great land known as the extension of the European coastlands. This is the USA. The Lord God says there shall be a brief period of turbulence in the US after Sunday 29 January 2017. Only serious intercession and heartfelt prayers can stabilize the US. I see the seat of the US government become seriously contested from 2017 onwards. I also foresee by the Spirit of God many unpredictable and erratic events characterising governance of the USA from 2017 onwards.


  1. In Southern Africa in general and in Zimbabwe in particular certain long awaited and painful events will take place during the course of 2017. Intercessors should extra vigilant in prayers and fasting as well. For Zimbabwe, 2017 is a year of judgement when God Almighty calls to account the good and bad things that have taken place in nation from the past. It is a year of rewards from God as well as vengeance from God Almighty on behalf of the weak and downtrodden. Let us watch and pray.


  1. In 2017 the LORD GOD instructs us to pray for families or marriages in general and families or marriages of prominent Christian leaders specifically. The enemy intends to attack families and marriages. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father who has given us victory in marriages and families. Let us watch and pray. The message pertains to Zimbabwe and other countries.


  1. In 2017:- Zimbabwe particularly and other parts of the world in general, it is a year when the LORD’s Spirit will reveal many hidden things. There will be many revelations of wrongdoing and perversion of justice in high and powerful places. Let us watch and pray because of this message.


  1. Sometime in 2017, certain important documents may trigger a lot of controversy. Believers and intercessors need to watch and pray over this matter. The matter pertains to Zimbabwe.
  2. We also need to pray for two prominent lady politicians who played a key role in the liberation of Zimbabwe. I see by the Spirit of God their health and survival become a major issue in 2017. Let us watch and pray.


  1. Let us pray for prominent musicians in Zimbabwe. I saw a young male musician and his friends in serious troubles. One of the troubles will involve legal issues. The second type of troubles will involve marriages issues. The third type of troubles that I saw has to do with life threatening incidents which I saw clearly but I have been told to speak it the way I have put it across.


  1. I also saw an old musician become seriously sick such that his survival beyond 2017 will need a miracle from God the Father. This musician has impacted the lives of so many people in Zimbabwe and beyond through his music. God the Father wants him to compose two or three gospel albums before he finishes his career on earth. Therefore as intercessors and believers let us watch and pray.


  1. Let us pray as believers and intercessors so that South Africa and two other countries in the South African region do not introduce laws and policies which may make things difficult for Zimbabwean citizens resident and working in those countries.


  1. Let us pray for the peace of the whole world. I foresee by the Spirit of God that the enemy may attempt to use targeted killings or assassination against prominent global leaders especially those that God intends to use to fulfil certain divine goals. Let us watch and pray.


All the Glory Goes to Our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father